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Westmoreland Mechanical Testing and Research, Inc. is a company where you can fulfill your true potential.


Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research has a global presence and is renowned for innovation and quality in the Materials Testing industry. WMT&R fosters a dynamic work environment where individual contributions of excellence can and do make a difference.

Our commitment to total customer satisfaction is strongly supported by dedicated and enthusiastic professionals. This kind of operating excellence takes a special kind of team, made up of special people. One of them could be you. We seek highly motivated people who are engaged in their profession and can help us succeed. In turn, we will reward and recognize outstanding results.

We empower our employees to build successful careers, improving their lives and the lives of the clients we serve together. If it’s your goal to join a thriving company that inspires you to be the best you can be, then we invite you to apply at Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research.



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